Are These Familiar Questions?

Where Did My Resume Go?

You have sent out a lot of resumes but rarely get a response. Has it gone into a black hole?  Is my resume even being considered?

How Personal is too Personal?

Do you hear differing ideas about the perfect resume? Is there such a thing? How do you appropriately personalize your information?

I've Interviewed - Now What?

You had a great interview but have not heard back from the company. What are the next steps? How do you follow-up?

Have I Captured Enough?

Do you wonder how to write a resume and not leave anything important out? How to showcase your key wins and soft skills?

Oops! My job Ended

Do you ask yourself how you are going to explain why your job ended in a way that will not cast you in a negative light?

I Found the Perfect Job!

How do you get their attention when you know this job was written just for you? What do other candidates do that work?

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Can you relate to any of the above questions? You came to the right place and I can help! My many years of in-house staffing experience brings a unique understanding to the candidate recruiting experience. We can work together across all U.S. time zones.

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